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From the diary of a „witch“. Reading tips for long evenings

A journey through time, thoughts and reflections on the theme of life. Fulfillment, spirituality, the whole range.

Places with meaning

The journey begins, many places limits that different moods. Take part, it is more than a diary!

My first diary entry

An introduction, some preparation, which will probably come? Start here on this page, scroll further, music, a short story, you get inspired, you will feel the forces discover the power of words.

Excitement, fun, entertainment and science.

The medal

Find out more about secret societies, banned books, daily but always in history. Find relationships, browse between the lines, there is much to discover.

The banned books

Who forbids read certain scriptures? Who does this, knows the content! Pure excitement, the search starts, a riessiger complex of contexts, you will find it?

Mysticism and magic

Power, symbols and rituals, not everything is betrayed, just as it has the strongest. Determine when and where, what and especially with whom!

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